Volume 5

Loving oneself is central to living a healthy and productive lifestyle, soulistically speaking. Which is probably not a word, but I think it sounds just fine here and I can get away with it.

Loving yourself first is the most important thing to do and you should do it as soon as you can. Unless you love yourself how are you to become the best possible version of yourself? Or the partner or parent or even friend? It is hard though, to look yourself in the eyes and do that self work. The work that is so essential to our self-love can get pushed aside and indeed, it does. It’s a juggling act in this life and sometimes the most important and crucial things take a backseat to everyday life.

Loving yourself does mean putting yourself first even when it’s hard. When there is something else you know you could be doing and should be doing. But still, you stick your heels in the ground and become immovable. That’s when life will throw at you what it can, test your will and throw you off course. You may lose your footing and see no reason for getting up, but we must. And there’s a lesson to be learned when picking yourself up-in doing so you have become more resilient.

So when did learning to love ourselves become less important? When did the shows that we watch and make a point to never miss become more important than taking some time for ourselves? I’ve known many who work themselves extremely hard, which is admirable,but doing so leaves little time for the self. At the end of the day we are all we have. There’s always something going on in our lives and quiet moments are few and far between for most of us. But that is the way of our age isn’t it? We’ve become busier and busier in a time when life is supposed to be easier than ever , due to all the advances we have made. The day and age we live in continues to move forward in what no longer feels like a march but a sprint. We need to unlace those worn down running shoes and feel the grass on our feet once again. To realize how truly connected we are to all things around us we have to learn to reconnect with all that is around us. Self love is the nucleus to a healthy and fulfilling life. Even in the smallest ways we can begin to learn to love ourselves and fill our lives with love for ourself. To learn to laugh at our mistakes, love our imperfections and our annoying little quirks that make us who we are. And for those who are lucky enough, they will find someone to share their life with that sees your flaws as anything but.

Of all the things that occupy our time it’s important to realize that in everything we do we put a little bit of ourselves into it. In that way, we can change the world for the better, we can do things with more kindness and awareness because when we have self love we give out love. Those who are happy, who are generous and who are kind have a love for themselves and in turn a love for those around them.

If we can learn to love ourselves, do our daily affirmations, paint, dance, sing, work on your car, volunteer, or if your like me- write, do it! Whatever your thing is that puts you in the best mood and brings you to that self reflective state. Self love is so essential and yet so overlooked. Small steps are a great beginning to any journey.

In a long and roundabout way, that is why is it so important for us to love ourselves. I hope I haven’t lost you along the way, I know it took me a while to get here but I guess it’s about the journey as so many like to say and I agree. Loving ourselves is a lifelong journey, one in which we may take a whole lifetime to achieve. We are reminded there is no ticking clock, and the prize is always awaiting our arrival. No matter how long it takes or how many grey hairs we have when we do, it is important that we do. And if you’re really fortunate, you’ll have the time and the support to realize your dreams that will bring you one step closer to loving yourself. If you take the leap you will realize that all you ever needed and I don’t mean to get all philosophical here- has been and is within your reach.

Until next time…

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