Volume 6

Everyone has their own thing that can instantly put them in a good mood- something that can bring you back to a place of pure joy after what seems to be a never ending crappy day or week. We’ve all been there and know our way around. No matter how hard we try like many things, it must run its course. So if we are wise, we take a seat take a number and wait our turn.

Whatever you secret may be it’s important that you are able to have that one thing that creates delight and instant relaxation-maybe something we could all use nowadays more than ever.

Despite how needed it may be, it’s not so easy to find that one thing though. Sure you may have lots of hobbies and things that you like to do but that’s something different from what I’m talking about. What I’m talking about is spiritual in a sense, it transcends time and place. It may sound a little out there to some, but for me it makes total sense and in a way is kind of indescribable. Simply put, it’s something that no matter what can make you feel happy, bring you back from where you are and make you aware and feel grateful for all that you have.

Seems like a lot to put on my choice of catharsis- which is music- possibly more of a popular one then I realize. In a way, I can even say that it chose me as I can remember back to a very young age taking solace in music. It was a large part of my childhood and I am very thankful for that. My other half who grew up without an influence of music in his life, I get the joy of introducing him to songs and artists that have made an impact on my life. He is happy to oblige and I have a lot of fun sharing and rediscovering memories and making new ones. But honestly, 99% of them were before my time and in my opinion some of the best music to be made.

I believe the reason why so many can say music is so important, why I can say music is to important, is I believe in music. In some point of our lives it made its debut, whether it’s early in life like me or later like my fiancé, for many of us it’s ingrained. It’s a form of self expression, a form of art, a way to connect, to cope, to survive and to to thrive.

Music is my drug of choice and whether it’s old, new, or yet to be written it will no doubt touch someone in a way in which few things can. As I write at this very moment I am listening to music.Many times, music is and has been there at a certain time in our lives. In my opinion, it’s nothing short of magic to hear a song and be taken back. Whether that’s your first kiss, your wedding, your first job, or your first love, music is one thing that I cannot imagine a world without.

There are many forms of self expression and forms of art that one may turn to for those moments when a little extra of ourselves is required to push through. In truth, the world is not now or I hope ever will be, in short supply of expressions of art in all it’s forms. As it is to be human, we connect and seek solace and comfort knowing we’re not alone. Someone had undoubtedly been there before and come back from it. The person who decided to share their words and write them down could never have imagined the impact that they would’ve have. Like a movie I recently watched-music can inspire and bring together. From it’s humble beginnings of a very different day and age inspired so many different forms of expression. From all the ways that music struggled and failed only to come back stronger-the journey of music itself can be an inspiration.

So what is your niche? What gives you the ability to achieve total relaxation, to take a step back from whatever it is that you’re doing and reflect? To me, it’s everyone’s right to find their own unique place where they can go that is all their own where there are no marks, no footsteps and no signs of habitation. You can leave knowing it will be just the same upon your next return and it’s uniquely yours. I’m one of the lucky ones because I’m my case, it’s only a song or playlist away.

Until next time…

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