Volume 7

What is it about summer that just makes everything feel different? It’s more special in a way and the days seem more important. It’s almost as if there is something in the air. We cherish those long hot summer days. We save up our vacation days knowing summer is around the corner and for some of us, we head to the beach. We finally fire up that BBQ, we break out our summer clothes or if you’re like me, you spend your summer nights in the backyard rediscovering your surroundings and getting reacquainted once again to the night sky.

But like a summer breeze,it’s gone in the blink of a eye and it’s time for Labor Day weekend- the unofficial end to summer. The trees that patiently waited for their turn to bloom will change into those beloved fall colours before they once again drop their leaves and slumber until spring.A small but important reminder that not all things can last forever, but to embrace all that we are given.

So we pack up our umbrellas, put away our summer clothes and head back to reality. We reminisce about our summer escapades and those warm nights that seemed endless at the time. We get our books and pencils ready, shake off those first day of school jitters and gear up for another year of learning. All the while, anxiously counting down until the Thanksgiving holiday while dreaming of what next summer has in store for us.

So what is it about summer that is so special? Why are autumn, winter and spring unable to evoke quite the same emotions? Some of the most important holidays occur in seasons, yet summer is a favourite to many. I guess it can be said summer is in a class of its own-the adventures it holds, the promises it keeps and the nonstop fun it delivers. Best of all, we discover we have yet to reach an age where we are too old for our local fair and that eating copious amounts of ice cream will never go out of style.

For me though, I have not been a fan of summer for a couple years now to be honest. Through no fault of its own, summer has become less enchanting and more of a hot and sweaty few months. Considering two of my last moves have been in summer coupled with a little bit of inner turmoil it’s not hard to figure it out. But one cannot deny the feeling of sadness when it passes by and wishing that we would’ve cherished those days- no matter how hot they were. I guess that was the inspiration behind his post, as the old adage goes, we don’t know what we’re missing until it’s gone. So as the summer comes to a close I realize just how much I’m going to miss it. There have been many changes and new adventures that have arrived on my door this season and I think it’s safe to say that summer once again will hold a special place in my heart.

The term magic in the air comes to mind when I think of this summer and I am more than sad to see it go. One of many changes this summer is a new place that we call home. Larger no doubt, a necessity with three cats-all who have larger than life personalities. But moreover, I think one can easily forget how important it is to have a place not just you can call home but that can make you feel at home- and our large balcony doesn’t hurt. Amongst the move, there were new memories made-a new favourite spot in the form of a coffee shop and rekindling my favourite past time. All I need is a cup of tea and the night sky, though any time of day will suffice.

So as another summer comes to a close I am looking forward to autumn. Full of family gatherings, Halloween, and those fall smells – by far my favourite time of year to those who know me best. Despite those holidays that I love dearly with a plethora of pumpkins and pies, neither can to hold a candle to summer still.

But I know that although I will miss it dearly, the promise of another summer comes with every passing season. So we say goodbye to summer with fireworks lighting up the sky as we reminisce and look back at another summer. So until next year we have to wait and see what the magic of summer will have in store for us. So we unpack our sweaters, watch the leaves change colour and host our family and friends as we reconnect through beloved holidays and way too much food.

Until next time…

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